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Services We Provide

Parking Control and Vehicle Impounds:
We provide 24 hour parking control for your
commercial property. This service is setup to your
specifications, you can either call us when you need
something impounded or you an have us periodically
check and remove illegally or improperly parked
vehicles. We provide parking control signs for you at
no cost. Whether you own or manage an apartment
complex, industrial complex, office building or
parking lot, we would be happy to remove vehicles in
violation of your parking policies at no cost to you.

Fleet Towing:
We can provide towing to your fleet of cars and
trucks. We have special low rates established for
accounts that use us often. In many cases it is even
more cost effective for you to have us deliver
working vehicles for you than to have one of your
employees drive them, wait for them to be serviced
and then return them. Contact us for more details.

Removal of Abandoned Vehicles:
At your request, we will remove any abandoned
vehicles from your private property. This service is
provided free of charge to our commercial accounts.
Commercial, Fleet and Additional Services
Snow Chain Delivery and Installation Service:
Stuck at home because of the snow storm?
Don't have any snow chains? Need some?
During snow and ice events, we will sell, delivery
and install snow chains at your home or office to
help you get back on the road. We provide this
service even when the weather is so bad that we are
not providing towing service.
When contacting us about snow chain service,
please be ready to provide the year, make, model
and tire size of the vehicle requiring chains, we keep
many popular sizes in stock.
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